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Established in 2013 by Orly Freund, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, From Darkness to Light Together operates with a committed and influential board of directors, aiming to provide long-term group therapy to support and guide individuals who have experienced childhood sexual assault

from darkness to light together

Association Leadership

Dan Offer, chairman

Dan Offer

Chairman of the Board of Directors

A lawyer by profession, is the co-founder and senior partner at Dan Offer & Co. Law Firm. Founded and chairs Hermetic Trust Ltd., a prominent fiduciary company in Israel.

Orly Freund FDTLT

Orly Freund

CEO and Founder

Orly Freund, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse herself, has been actively involved in the field of child sexual abuse since 1995


Holding an MBA from Bar Ilan University, she is an entrepreneur and an investor in various startup companies, real estate and social enterprises

Aya Lotan From Darkness to Light Together Board

Aya Lotan

CEO of Or Halev, guides and manages the Michael Method team. Former CEO and co-founder of the Youth Renewal Fund. Loves learning and believes in people capacity for good 

Galit Toledano From Darkness to Light Together Board

Galit Toledano

Lior have a BA in business administration and an MA in public policy. She specialize in promoting social policies. lior have worked over a decade in managing social organizations and initiatives, as well as advancing philanthropy in Israel.


Lior Finkel-Perl

A journalist and media professional, hosts the radio show "Osim Tzoharayim" on Galei Tzahal (IDF Radio), bringing sexual abuse survivors and trauma victims to the forefront  

Yael Dan From Darkness to Light Together Board

Yael Dan

A trained social worker with extensive experience in the third sector. Currently a professional singer

Adina Even Zohar From Darkness to Light Together Board

Adina Even Zohar

President and CEO of Park Plaza Hotel Group, with vast and impressive experience in the global hotel industry. Philanthropist and social activist

Boris Ivesha From Darkness to Light Together

Boris Ivesha

A victim of incest herself, initially treated by the association and later joined as a donor and board member. Actively engaged in the field of sexual trauma, holds a MBA in sexual health education

Ruth Raam From Darkness to Light Together Board

Ruth Raam

An angel investor and entrepreneur, leading the company FREDO.AI

Ron Gross From Darkness to Light Together Board

Ron Gross

Graduate in Hotel Management, Marketing and Airline Companies. Interested in history, literature and art

Iris Ivesha From Darkness to Light Together

Iris Ivesha

Psychotherapist, M.A. in Clinical Psychology. Engaged in private practice and psychotherapy instruction at Merkaz Shiluv

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Boaz Shavit


Dr Hila Harmelin Kotner

Clinical Psychologist, professional consultant for the association's therapists. Dr Harmelin has been teaching, lecturing and providing guidance in the field of treating sexual abuse in various public and private settings for nearly 15 years

Smadar Aviram


Specialized Clinical Psychologist

Haifa Mix Gender

Haifa Women

Uri Mazor


Occupational Therapist, graduate of the Israeli Institute for Group Analysis

Haifa Mix Gender

Haifa Women

Noa Kahana

Specialized Rehabilitation Psychologist and Instructor, trained in trauma therapy, Schema Therapy and EMDR. Certified in hypnosis

Karmiel Mix Gender

Ma'ayan Avraham

Specialized Psychologist and Instructor, graduate of the School for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in Haifa. Certified PE and Schema Therapy therapist

Karmiel Mix Gender

Ya'ara Gafni


Specialized Clinical Psychologist, trained in therapy and assessment

Ramot Mix Gender

Ofer Zilberberg


Clinical Social Worker and Psychodrama therapiest

Ramot Mix Gender

Liora Ariel

Clinical Social Worker, BSW and MSW in Social Work, specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Psychoanalytic Group Therapy

Jerusalem Women

Meir Brand


Clinical Psychologist, Instructor, psychoanalyst

Jerusalem Women

Shlomit Eitam


Specialized Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist, certified Instructor, EMDR, certified in Sexual Trauma Therapy

Jerusalem Mix Gender

Amos Spivak


Specialized Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist, certified instructor , EMDR, certified in sexual trauma therapy

Jerusalem Mix Gender

Vivian Amor


Clinical Social Worker and EMDR Therapist

East Jerusalem Mix Gender

Halim Ertul


Specialized Clinical Psychologist, educational psychology instructor

East Jerusalem Mix Gender

Alice Maya Keenan


Specialized Clinical Psychologist, Doctoral candidate in Psychoanalysis and Interpretation, Bar Ilan University

Karkur Mix Gender

Mustafa Asli


Expert Clinical Educational Psychologist

Karkur Mix Gender

Yonatan Piamenta


 Dr. of Social Work, Studies in Psychotherapy for Victims of Sexual Abuse at Bar Ilan University

Afula Women

Afula Mix Gender

Anat Horowitz


Clinical Social Worker, Psychotherapist

Afula Women

Afula Mix Gender

Dafi Bozodovski


Clinical Social Worker, Psychotherapist

T-A Mix Gender

T-A Friday Mix Gender

Mazor lamed


T-A Mix Gender

Doron Shani


Specialized Clinical Psychologist, PhD, candidate at the Institute of Group Analysis

T-A Women

Einat Natan


Specialized Clinical Psychologist, Graduate of the Training Program for Treatment of Sexual Abuse

T-A Women

Ronit Yalovich


Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist

Kfar-Saba Mix Gender

Dori Bar Lev



Kfar-Saba Mix Gender

Ariel Ezra


Dr. of Social Work

T-A Friday Mix Gender

Moran Simon


Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist

Tivon Mix Gender

Tivon Women

Noa Rothstein


Clinical Social Worker

Tivon Mix Gender

Tivon Women

Maya Inbar


Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist

Yokneam Mix Gender

Eyal Katsir


Clinical Social Worker

Yokneam Mix Gender

The association's activities are made possible solely through donations. It is your generous support that enables us to sustain our efforts and establish additional groups to reach and assist victims without access throughout Israel.

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Donations qualify for tax deduction under Section 46 of the Income Tax Ordinance.

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