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One in five children experiences sexual abuse during childhood

Despite the considerable number of survivors, finding consistent and professional psychological treatment over an extended period remains challenging. Research indicates that group therapy proves beneficial in breaking the cycle of isolation and silence surrounding trauma, allowing survivors to connect with others who have experienced similar traumas, thereby alleviating feelings of guilt and shame. This healing process occurs through prolonged engagement within a supportive group setting, offering a safe environment for practicing and addressing interpersonal dynamics that have been severely impacted by the traumatic experiences

Operating nationwide, From Darkness to Light Together specializes in treating complex post-traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD) resulting from childhood sexual abuse

(before age 18) through the implementation of unique therapeutic groups

The cornerstone of our approach comprises the following:

Long-term therapy - free from time constraints

Prematurely discontinuing therapeutic interventions can retraumatize survivors and exacerbate their difficulties. Therefore, we provide long-term therapy without predefined endpoints, ensuring treatment continues for as long as necessary


Integrated therapeutic model

Each group is led by expert male and female therapists specialized in treating CPTSD, and some groups even involve mix gender participation of group members in the therapy process. The group's structure serves as a corrective parenting model and enables interaction with the offending gender in a safe environment, which is especially significant for men, as group therapy for them is not widely available in Israel


Accessibility for all

Our services encompass all regions of Israel, with a strong emphasis on socio-geographically marginalized areas where access to therapeutic resources is limited. Subsidized treatments guarantee that financial constraints do not hinder individuals interested in therapy from participating in our groups

Evidence supports the efficacy of our therapeutic model
An assessment and evaluation conducted in 2021 revealed a significant improvement in the lives of the participants


  • 66% reported elevated levels of trust and feelings of security

  • 75% indicated a higher level of trauma processing following group therapy

  • Over 50% observed improvements in emotional and daily functioning



Full research click here >>>


As of 2023, we conduct ongoing research to assess the impact of our therapeutic groups on participants' lives. This entails the use of purpose-built assessment questionnaires, completed by group facilitators and members every six months, at the outset, conclusion and one or two years post-completion of the therapy process

2023 research click here >>>


Tel Aviv Women           


Doron Shani, Clinical Psychologist, PhD

Einat Natan, Clinical Psychologist

Tel Aviv Mix Gender


Dafi Bozodovsky, Clinical Social Worker, Psychotherapist

Mazor Lamed, Psychologist. 

Tel Aviv Friday Mix Gender 


Dafi Bozodovsky, Clinical Social Worker, Psychotherapist

Ariel Ezra, Dr. of Social Work

Haifa Women | Haifa Mix Gender


Smadar Aviram, Clinical Psychologist

Uri Mazor, Occupational Therapist

Tiv`on Mix Gender


Kfar Saba Mix Gender


Dori Bar Lev, Psychotherapist

Ronit Yalovich, Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist

Karmiel Mix Gender


Noa Kahane, Rehabilitation Psychologist

Ma’ayan Avraham, Specialized Psychologist

Ramot Mix Gender


Yaara Gafni, Clinical Psychologist

Ofer Zilberberg, Clinical Social Worker

Yokneam Mix Gender


Maya Inbar, Clinical Social Worker

Eyal Katzir, Clinical Social Worker

Afula Women | Afula Mix Gender


Yonatan Piamenta, Dr. of Social Work

Anat Horowitz, Clinical Social Worker, Psychotherapist

Karkur Mix Gender


Alice Maya Kenan, Clinical Psychologist

Mustafa Asli, Clinical Educational Psychologist

Jerusalem Women 


Liora Ariel, Clinical Social Worker

Meir Brand, Clinical Psychologist


Jerusalem Mix Gender 


Shlomit Eitam, Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Amos Spivak, Specialized Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist

East Jerusalem Mix Gender


Vivian Amor, Clinical Social Worker

Halim Ertul, Clinical Psychologist

Our Groups' Locations

Haifa | Mix Gender, Women

Karmiel | Mix Gender

Tiv'on | Mix Gender

Ramot | Mix Gender

Afula | Mix Gender, Women

Karkur | Mix Gender

Kfar Saba | Mix Gender

Jerusalem | Mix Gender, Women

E.Jerusalem | Mix Gender

Tel Aviv | Mix Gender, Women

The association's activities are made possible solely through donations. It is your generous support that enables us to sustain our efforts and establish additional groups to reach and assist victims without access throughout Israel.

To make a donation, click here >>>
Donations qualify for tax deduction under Section 46 of the Income Tax Ordinance.

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